Gaynor is a global nomad whose mission is to help people connect at a deeper level – with themselves and others. Gaynor is an authentic, practical business woman who is excited about helping others to transform.

Born in the UK, raised in Africa and worked all over the world, she is truly a person who has seen it all.  In addition she is passionate about travel, so anywhere she hasn’t worked, she has probably travelled to!  She is married to an amazing man called Malcolm who is Australian and they are currently has two bases Perth and Brisbane Australia.

Gaynor’s experience is based on a 25 year, very successful career in Oil & Gas and Investment Banking.  She understands the challenges you face day to day as she has experienced it.  She then decided to embark on something even more fulfilling and greater than success being all about herself.  She took some time away from the corporate workplace to allow a new identity to emerge and during this time experienced many new forms of personal development that were completely different to any development that she experienced during her 25 year corporate career.  This gave her new insight into personal development – there is skill development and there is consciousness.  Gaynor believes an inner journey (becoming conscious) is transformational and believes that her clients can be even more successful by gaining awareness about themselves.

Gaynor is passionate about helping others to achieve the success that they want in life.  She considers herself a change agent – when the student is ready, the teacher (in my case coach) will appear.  My clients are typically corporates or entrepreneurs either through their company or directly.

Gaynor believes that everyone has the ability to control and make the changes in their life that they desire and her role is to help you discover them and get you there quicker.  Gaynor will encourage you to be the best you can be and this can mean she will challenge you from time to time, so don’t expect an easy ride!  Naturally this is all coming from a place of love to help you achieve the results you want from your life.  In addition expect to have some fun along the way.

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