Gaynor will chat with you about what you are wanting to change or a successful outcome you are looking for.  She will discuss with you the steps and commitment required to achieve these outcomes – it all about YOU.
It could be helping you reach a point where you are solving your problem, holding an energy space for you to transform or holding you accountable for the changes you want to make in your life.  All this is achieved through a healthy balance of a loving space and challenging you to be truthful with yourself to become the most authentic version of yourself.  Gaynor is not about providing a space to re-live your stories, its about letting go of them and the past and living in the “NOW” and feeling happy and fulfilled with your life regardless of what your external environment may throw at you.
Gaynor is a firm believer that our external circumstances will transform if you are willing to embark on an inner journey.  By an inner journey we mean looking within yourself to see what behaviours you are displaying which may be preventing you from living the life you desire.  This is where the magic happens.


Free initial consultation

Are you unsure about what is involved with a coaching session and what would be best for your needs?

Why not have a free initial 15 minutes consultation with Gaynor?  This session gives both parties the opportunity to explore your individual needs and recommend the best way forward.

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