Coaching for Teens

The Ultimate Life Support for teenagers: 6 hours to prevent a crisis of confidence right when you don’t need it or years of wasted energy spent doing the wrong things.


Want to be the happiest, most productive, inspired teen that you know?


Work with Gaynor and Lisa in our 1:2:1 coaching programme and get very clear, focused and unbelievably happy about every aspect of your life.

Lisa Clegg and Gaynor developed this program together and the coaching programme will be delivered by both of us.  For more information on the amazing Lisa, have a look at her website


Program format

Week 1: Self Love and Confidence

Develop Rock star confidence and learn tips and tricks to become completely irresistible (even to yourself).

Week 2: Goals and the big picture

Create an action plan for your future that is based on your strengths, passions and how you want to feel. Learn how to say no to the things that do not float your boat.

Week 3: Body and Health

Discover the secret daily routines that will ensure you stay energized and healthy.

Week 4: Friendships and first impressions

Failsafe strategies for making killer first impressions and cultivating friendships that work.

Week 5: School and organization

Tips and tricks to handle stress and overwhelm like a ninja. Manipulate time to get more done.

Week 6: Becoming a Magnet

Use 3 universal laws to magnetise what you want and to draw it in.

Free initial consultation

Are you unsure about what is involved with a coaching session and what would be best for your needs?

Why not have a free initial 15 minutes consultation with Gaynor?  This session gives both parties the opportunity to explore your individual needs and recommend the best way forward.

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