Transformation Coaching

Helping you realise the vision you have for your personal life.  I am assuming you are a competent person and a high achiever, but yet you still don’t feel fulfilled or appreciated in your role.  You want more from your career and more from yourself.  Transformation Coaching can include an inner journey to see what drives you and what could be holding you back.  I am a firm believer that if you have a beautiful “inner state” then your external world will more easily transform into what you are looking for.  Its about eliminating negative beliefs and feelings, bringing peace of mind and when you are in a state of peace, then clarity comes and the path becomes clear.  The only person holding you back from achieving the success you desire is yourself.  Gaynor will work with you to focus on your strengths and realign your thoughts and behaviours to be able to confidently move forward.  Transformation Coaching is not a chat, you will be developing the vision for yourself and Gaynor will be holding you accountable for the results you are looking for and you can expect to be both nurtured and challenged in our coaching sessions together.

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Are you unsure about what is involved with a coaching session and what would be best for your needs?

Why not have a free initial 15 minutes consultation with Gaynor?  This session gives both parties the opportunity to explore your individual needs and recommend the best way forward.

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