I have known Gaynor for 4 years and during that time I have been on a personal journey of growth which has led to an expanded consciousness within myself and the world around me. Gaynor has been instrumental in my development, guiding me in a loving and caring manner with only my well being in mind. As time has passed and opportunities have arisen her business skills have come into play and she has taken the time to assist me with a new acquisition. She has also counselled me on an ongoing situation with regards to my business and provided invaluable insights on negotiating. Gaynor has years of experience in the business arena and has combined this with Transformational Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy so her wealth of knowledge is immense. I would recommend you work with Gaynor to unlock your true potential and set your life up to win every time.

Kimberley Hrlec
Business owner,
Brisbane Australia

The point of difference which I have found fascinating about Gaynor’s coaching practice is her sincere care at a personal level together with great business knowledge and advice.

Her unique style and personal approach was what drew my attention to start Executive Coaching with her.

She has guided me on specific issues, navigating my performance within our business; always making sure I meet my goals. You will be challenged…that’s for sure.

A full immersion of coaching sessions is a great start to make sure my personal and business growth is always alive

Maria Villa
Interior Designer - Managing Director at Villa+Villa,
Sydney Australia

Gaynor’s healing presence is felt through her loving nature and infectious smile. She’s kind and loving with a special ability to listen and truly hear you. She’s acutely insightful seeing to the core of the matter.

Gaynor will help you see the honest truth about your behaviours and how these hold you back from living the joyful life you so desire. All this allows you to start working purposely from the beginning of your journey with her.

Gaynor is truly beautiful inside and out.

Helena Livingston

Gaynor has a grounded practical approach which I have found a few people in the coaching field to be lacking.

Her own professional success and experience with high level personal development programs make her an authority on the subject and give her a broader understanding of the economy and her clients place with in it.

I believe results for anyone working with Gaynor will be inevitable.

Zane Williams
Mining Industry,
Perth Australia

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